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Are the dogs starting to look shaggy and grungy? Have you tried styling your dogs and not being happy with how they look in the end? Are your dogs not looking the best they can?

For your pet grooming woes, the solution is with Happy Scrappy. Happy Scrappy is a pet grooming company providing dog grooming in San Antonio, TX. 

We are a team of professional groomers that will be able to enhance your dog's best features.  Our stylists have the superior skills in producing a makeover to your beloved members of the family. For superior results we makeover your pet dogs according to breed profile, to bring out the best in each and every dog. 

Happy Scrappy provides loving and caring services that is not only friendly but also fast and affordable for a positive and enjoyable experience for your pet dog.  This results in a happy and a healthy pet.  A happy pet results in a happy family.

Happy Scrappy provides professional and dedicated dog grooming services that are loving and caring, while still affordable, a good value for money.   

We offer our clients a wide range of service in dog grooming in San Antonio, TX.  The services we offer are the following, though not limited to:

  • Dog Nail Filing
  • Dog Hair Trimming
  • Dog Teeth Brushing
Happy Scrappy provides professional and personalized dog grooming services that are fast and hassle free.  We cater to all shapes and sizes, as well as for all different types and breeds. 

Our services are available from Mondays to Saturdays. Come, book a job with us. Man’s best friend deserves the best service and the best care.  Happy Scrappy, taking care of those you care for.

See us at Happy Scrappy, personalized and dedicated dog grooming services for each and every dog. 

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